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Introduction To Libre Office Writer

Created By : Lakshmi

Posted : 10-Jul-2020

LibreOffice Writer is the free and open-source word processor and desktop publishing component of the LibreOffice software package.

  • Writer is capable of opening and saving documents in a number of formats, including
    the OpenDocument (ODT is its default format), Microsoft Word's DOC, DOCX and RTF.
  • Export in PDF format is possible
  • Mail merge facility is available.
  • Spelling and grammar checking utility is available.
  • A Libre office writer contains:-

  • Title Bar which contains Title of File,Minimize window,Maximize Window and close window.
  • Menu bar contains menu like File, Edit,View,Insert,Format,table,etc...
  • Standard Tool bar contains pictorial representation of buttons like new, open, save, print,export etc..
  • format Toolbar contains character formatting(font name,font size ,etc.),
    paragraph formatting(alignment,indent and spacing) etc.
  • Shortcut keys for file handling:-

  • New - Ctrl +N
  • Open - Ctrl +O
  • Save - Ctrl +S
  • Print - Ctrl +P
  • exit Libreoffice- Ctrl +Q
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